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Addiction Pics

Don't Drink and Drive!

Animated Drinking Gif Pictures.

Trouble Keeping It Down.

Animated Drunk Pics.

Choking Bong Smoker

Animated Smoking Pics

Just Say No!

Drug Pics.

Recovery Relationships

Relationships in Recovery.
Many people new to recovery expect those around them to accept their clean lifestyle and to be excited for them only to discover lingering doubts, lack of trust, and skepticism from their loved ones. You long for people to see you as you are right now. Clean. Sober. Free. Working hard. You feel invalidated and shamed when they bring up past behaviors from your using days and you cry out for others to see how far you’ve come. What’s happening is that the wiring in their brains attached to you includes all those old behaviors of yours when you were using. And they are a bit afraid, rightfully so...

Addiction, Recovery, and Relationships.
So relationships in recovery can be a bit of a double-edged sword. Of course they are necessary and they can provide us with joy and fulfillment in many different ways, but at the same time, relationships can be somewhat dangerous, especially for the newly recovering drug addict or alcoholic. Let’s dig in and examine relationships and see if we can find some universal truths and any practical conclusions here: Overview of Different Kinds of Relationships in Recovery

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Alcoholic Poetry

Alcoholic Poet

11 Kinds of Drunks

11 Different Kinds of Drunk People
This is a list of every kind of public drunk, from drunk and passed out to drunk and puking. Drinking brings out the worst and the best in people. It could contribute to the best times of your life or the biggest mistakes (often in the same night). We have all either run into or been one of these drunks at some point. This list will either bring back a lot of memories or remind you of ones you've lost.
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Archived Mugshots of Early 19th Century Drunkards

Mugshots of Early 19th Century Drunks

Collection of Celebrity Mugshots

Breathalyzer Fail

Too drunk to understand that it's a breathalyzer test.

Bad Inventions

Stay clean and sober and dry in an umbrella rain tube

Cigarette holder lets you smoke a whole pack at a time

Supersize wine glass that holds an entire bottle of wine

Funny over-sized wine glass promo video by the vendor

Pics of Bad Drinking & Smoking Inventions

See 30 Other Dumb Inventions