Monday, February 16, 2009

The Unknown Addict

Anonymous Addiction
"Most of the people that know me, don't have a clue that I am an addict - but I am. I am very succesfull, own my business's that do multi tens of millions a year, for over a decade now. I have a great family, two girls and a wonderful wife, a beautiful house, with a lake house, and a house in Hawaii, but I am an addict. In the 70's & 80's it was cocaine, in the 90's and the next decade (what is that, the zero-zero's?) it was opiates - and still is..."
- quote from Mark's story at
America Anonymous Stories

Your Choice

Freedom to choose is always a good thing

But if you're often making bad choices because of drinking or drug use, there's nothing good about that. Free help is always available. See here:

AA: Help with Alcoholism

NA: Help with Drug Abuse

Al-Anon: For Family & Friends of alcoholics

Nar-Anon: Family & Friends of drug addicts

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