Monday, June 23, 2008

Comics about Alcoholism and Addiction

Captain Alcohol Comic Book about Alcoholism

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AA and Al-anon Comics

Archived Collection of 1968-1974 AA and Al-anon Comics

Comics about Addiction and Social Problems

Drugs and other Social Issues Comic Books

Surviving Drug Addiction

True Story about Drug Addiction

"With all the beatings, injections, guns to my head, overdoses, needles, seizures, and surgeries, how could I still be alive? As I tramped the roadside gravel, I had no ready answer to this question. Every step sapped strength from my battered body. I began to comprehend the temporary nature of life and the finality of death. Death had tried to take me on several occasions, but thus far had failed. Would this be the night death triumphed? If so, bring it on!"
- quote from "Only Mortals Can Be Heroes" p 186

Only Mortals Can Be Heroes is a true story about a young boy, Adam Weaver, who experiences the pleasures and pains of the drug culture. Adam's adventure describes how he started drugging at age 12 because he wanted to fit in with his peers. After marijuana and beer came Ritalin, Oxycontin, Ecstasy, LSD, uppers, downers, cocaine and heroin, and everything in between, including a cocaine overdose at age 16 and a heroin overdose a few years later.

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Alcoholism and the Price of Beer and Gas

The Price of Beer and Gas

The Price of Alcoholism

In most places these days you'll pay more for gas than for beer. But for alcoholics the price of drinking includes a hidden cost.

There is s a popular belief among many in recovery from alcoholism that you can't change an alcoholic back into a social drinker. You can't change a pickle back into a cucumber. Once a pickle, always a pickle. For alcoholics, most attempts to return to social drinking are unsuccessful, sometimes with tragic or even fatal consequences.

Free Recovery Help

Through a program of recovery, many alcoholics are able to enjoy long-term sobriety.

You can read one man's stories on his blog about the Alcoholism Life Sentence

AA is a fellowship of men and women who offer Free Recovery Help Worldwide


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Monday, June 09, 2008

Alcoholism and the Road to Recovery

Alcoholism Can Take You To Some Interesting Places

Recovery Videos Drive-In

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Online Recovery Community

Performing on the Road to Recovery

The Road to Ugliness

Drink Yourself Ugly?

The Road to Online Anonymity

Anonymous Web Browsing and Anonymous E-Mailing

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Recovery Yesterday and Today

History and Addiction
"Chemical dependency has plagued humankind since man first crushed grapes. Each millennium has treated the problems that addiction brings with a methodology unique to the times. Historically, society, as a way of treating those addicted, has imprisoned them, banished them, put them in mental institutions, religiously converted them and, in today’s world, treated them.What has not changed is the impact of chemical dependency, particularly on those addicted and their families. Herein lies the story. ..."
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Recovery Today Online Magazine

Monday, June 02, 2008

150 Things to do Instead of Drinking

Instead of Picking Up a Drink:
1. Read a book
2. Take a walk
3. Play a musical instrument
4. Knit
5. Clean your closets
6. Research your genealogy
7. Cook a gourmet dinner
8. Write an article for your local newspaper
9. Go take some pictures...

You can read the rest at Sober Re-Sources