Sunday, August 05, 2007

Meet Tom Kramer

Who is Tom Kramer?...
That's what Tom Kramer intends to find out! In this new docu-comedy, a recovering alcoholic suffering from an identity crisis goes on a mission to find himself while maintaining his sobriety. Click on Tom to go to the TV show home page and watch the pilot episode, or check out the clip below...

----Meet Tom Kramer

Tom Kramer: "I'm an Alcoholic"
Click the pic to watch this public service announcement spoof:

AA Public Service Announcements

Humor is the best medicine... and the above clip is good for a laugh, but if you or someone you know is still suffering from alcoholism there's nothing funny about that. For info about getting free help watch the AA public service announcements online here:

Click for the Alcoholics Anonymous Video and Audio PSAs Page