Monday, January 31, 2005

daily quota: Harrelson, Quinn, Rudner Quotes

"When I let up from the weed, and the drinking too, I cried every day. And I liked that. I like crying. And now I not only wanna cry and show my crying to other people, I wanna just split myself down the middle and open my guts and just throw everything out!"
- Woody Harrelson

"The priest came to my bedside and started to pray in Latin. I never drank alcohol again."
- Michael Quinn

"I admire the Pope. I have a lot of respect for anyone who can tour without an album."
- Rita Rudner

quipping post: Court & Neighbor Joke

A drunk was in court waiting his turn to face the judge for being drunk and disorderly again. Much to his surprise, his neighbor was also there being questioned by the judge in a different case. "It says here you were arguing with your mailman and you threatened him with a hammer! Is this true?" When the neighbor admitted the accusation, the drunk leaped up and shouted, "You liar!" The judge pounded his gavel and asked the drunk what he was shouting about. The drunk replied: "I'm sorry your honor, but that man has been my neighbor for ten years. Every time I asked if I could borrow a hammer, he said he didn't have one."

link: Me!

Let It Begin With Me!
"The intent of this site is to share with family and friends of addicts the experiences, strengths, and hopes of others dealing with similar issues":
Let It Begin With Me!

Friday, January 28, 2005

today's quota: Worrying; Moping; Optimist; Sanity; Alcohol

"As a cure for worrying, work is better than whiskey."
- Thomas Edison

"Sit all day in a moping posture, sigh, and reply to everything with a dismal voice, and your melancholy lingers."
- William James

"The optimist goes to the window every morning and says, 'Good morning, God.' The pessimist goes to the window and says, 'good god, morning.'"
- H Jackson Brown

"The statistics on sanity are that one out of every four Americans are suffering from some form of mental illness. Think of your three best friends. If they're okay, then it's you."
- Rita Mae Brown

"Alcohol is a good preservative for everything but brains."
- Mary Pettibone Poole

quipping post: 155-year-old Anecdotes

I once heard of an individual, whom I had seen many times, who would travel all day for a single drink of fire-water. When he arrived at the trading post, he obtained and guzzled down a cup full of whiskey. When the poison had operated, he said, that he felt as if his head was going down his throat; and added, 'Whah! I wish my neck was a mile long, so that I might feel and hear the whiskey running all the way down!"

A certain Indian once teased a Mrs. F. for whiskey, which he said was to cure his "big toe," that had been badly bruised the preceding night. Mrs. F. said, "I am afraid you will drink it." He declared he would not drink it; and after much pleading, she handed him some; he took it, and looking first at his toe, and then at the liquor, alternately, all of a sudden he slipped the whiskey down his gullet, at the same time exclaiming, as he pointed to his toe, "There, whiskey, go down to my poor big toe."

- From 'The Life, Letters and Speeches of Kahgegagahbowh'
(or, G Copway, Chief Ojibway Nation); Published 1850

Beginners and Health

AA Beginners Club Group
"We can tell you precisely how we have recovered"
AA Beginners Club

At Health mental health touches (everyone)
Information, directory of psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, social workers, and therapists, treatment facilities, self-help resources, and continuing education":
At Health mental health

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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

today's quota: Faith; Life; Morning; Athlete

"There is only one reason that I am in the Oval Office and not a bar. I found faith, I found God. I am here because of the power of prayer."
- George Bush

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature."
- Helen Keller

"Every morning I jump out of bed and step on a landmine. The landmine is me. After the explosion, I spend the rest of the day putting the pieces together."
- Ray Bradbury

"When Armageddon comes, it would be good to be an Olympic athlete, because running real fast and jumping over stuff could come in handy."
- Jack Handey

quipping post: New Yorker

Drunk Cartoons
Clicking on the small thumbnails enlarges earch cartoon
and using the little red arrow in the corner loads more pages:
Drunk Cartoons at New Yorker's

Other cartoon searches: Alcohol - Drugs - Addiction

Loving and Narcotics

The Loving an Alcoholic Group
"Our group was created for people who love an alcoholic. Here you will find a place for support and friendship in dealing with the alcoholic in your life":
Loving an Alcoholic

Narcotics Anonymous Australia
The official NA website for the Australian region:
Narcotics Anonymous Australia

Monday, January 24, 2005

today's quota: First; Initially; Football

"First things first, second things never."
- Shirley Conran

"Anything I've ever done that ultimately was worthwhile... initially scared me to death."
- Betty Bender

"...wherever alcoholics are exposed to the mind altering effects of football, situations can become chaotic."
- Gary Molyneux

quipping post: Sneaking In

Sneaking In
When a drunk tried sneaking into a football game, the gatekeeper stopped him and asked to see his ticket. But the drunk didn't give up, "You don't understand. I'm meeting my good friends and they have the tickets!" The gatekeeper replied with a laugh: "Aw c'mon, who ever heard of a drunk with good friends?"

links added today: Blogsite; Relationships

Dick B.'s Personal A.A. History Blogsite
"The site contains articles and will shortly contain pictures, manuscripts, video talks, and audio talks":
Dick B's Blogsite

Rebuilding Relationships In Recovery
"A guide so that individuals with substance abuse issues and their loved ones can heal from the impact of addiction on relationships":
Rebuilding Relationships

Friday, January 21, 2005

today's quota: Maker's Hand; My Life; Feeling Good; Not Young

"He cannot cool the burning kiss of thirst upon his lips... learning that it can be more terrible to live than to die... until at last, at the end of human strength... the metal is ready for the Maker's hand."
- From the Film, 'The Ten Commandments'

"I gave my life to become the person I am right now. Was it worth it?"
- Richard Bach

"If merely 'feeling good' could decide, drunkenness would be the supremely valid human experience."
- William James

"I am not young enough to know everything."
- Oscar Wilde

quipping post: Observations

Symptom + Fault = Action
Some witty observations about drinking:
Symptom + Fault = Action

links added today: Hope; Addict; Friends; Recovery

"Alcoholics Anonymous based 12 Step Recovery and Online Chat":

Confessions of a Teenage Drug Addict
"The Personal Story of a Thai Teenage Drug Addict":
Teenage Drug Addict

Friends In Recovery
Forum of recovery related topics:
Friends In Recovery

Recovery Month 2005
This year's version of the annual campaign is here:
Recovery Month 2005

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

today's quota: We; Important; Good

"We are tomorrow's past."
- Mary Webb

"The important thing is this: to be able, at any moment, to sacrifice what we are for what we could become."
- Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

"A good writer is not necessarily a good book critic. No more so than a good drunk is automatically a good bartender."
- Jim Bishop

quipping post: Funnies

London's Times Cartoons
Below are links to a selection of funnies from Rick London's cartoon archive.
Here's the home page for new cartoons and the complete topic archive:
London's Times Cartoons

-- Cat Recovery -- Tequila Worms -- Drunk Cartoonist

-- Bad Whino -- Whinery Winery -- D-Drinking

-- Beer Nuts -- How Drunk is Too Drunk? -- Tap Dance

-- Drug Test -- Prozac -- Support Group

-- Baggage -- Fear -- Codependent Sign

-- Days of Whine and Moses (Animated) -- Bar Ghost (Animated)

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alcoholism and addictions helpblog
"Drug Addiction... Alcoholism... Residential Drug and Alcohol Treatment...AA Meetings? No AA Meetings? Decide between 12 Steps or $30,000 for 30 days? Maybe both...":
"Alcoholism and drug addiction explained in easy terms by a practicing psychiatrist":

Cocaine Anonymous UK
"Cocaine Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other so that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from their addiction"
Cocaine Anonymous UK

Monday, January 17, 2005

today's quota: Course of History; So Patriotic

"In the course of history many more people have died for their drink and their dope than have died for their religion or their country."
- Aldous Huxley

"Beer commercials are so patriotic: 'Made the American Way.' What does that have to do with America? Is that what America stands for? Feeling sluggish and urinating frequently?"
- Evelyn Waugh

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Just Pass It On Group
"I started mumbling how I owed him my life, and Bill, embarrassed, looked at the floor and said, 'Just pass it on'":
Just Pass It On

new edition: Online E-Zine

NICD News Magazine
Released in the middle of each month, the new January-February edition of this free monthly online e-zine is now available:
NICD News Magazine

Friday, January 14, 2005

today: New Year's Again?

Wishing a sober and happy New Year to everyone who celebrates
New Year's Day on January 14th, according to the Julian Calendar

today's quota: Life; Smile; Strange; Don't; One Two Three

"I really lived life to its fullest and that got me in trouble from time to time."
- Matthew Perry

"If you smile when no one else is around, you really mean it."
-Andy Rooney

"Strange as it may seem, my life is based on a true story."
- Ashleigh Brilliant

"I don't drink. I don't like it. It makes me feel good."
- Oscar Levant

"One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor."
- George Carlin

quipping post: Senility

The 'Senility' Prayer
Another cute version of the Serenity Prayer:
The 'Senility' Prayer

links added today: Step; Change; Rogue

The First Step Inn
"We may be serving up just what you're looking for. If it's sobriety, c'mon in":
First Step Inn

An online recovery journal:

Narcotics Anonymous Rogue Underbelly
"The ability to laugh at ourselves has an amazing healing effect on those of us who have regained that ability":
NA Rogue Underbelly

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

daily quota: Comforting Illusion; Making Love; Wonderful Time

"If we choose, we can live in a world of comforting illusion."
- Noam Chomsky

"There's an old man sitting next to me,
Making love to his tonic and gin."
- Billy Joel, 'Piano Man' lyrics

"I've had a wonderful time, but this wasn't it."
- Groucho Marx

quipping post: Nostalgia, Anyone?

Funny Li'l Joke Books
Drunk Jokes bubble gum card from 1970:
Drunk Jokes

To see other Funny Li'l Joke Books, just click on
one of the covers in the collection at Sam's Toy Box

links added today: Two from PBS

The two sites below are hosted by PBS TV

Close to Home
"Animated illustrations of the brain and the mechanism of drugs in the body; real-life stories of people who talk about their struggles with the disease of addiction and their lives in recovery" and more:
Close to Home

"A 13-issue soap opera comic book about young people dealing with substance abuse and addiction":

Monday, January 10, 2005

daily quota: Defects; Madness

"It’s one of my character defects that the best party is always down the road. When I get what I want, I just don’t want it any more. I’m getting a lot better now."
- Eric Clapton

"Madness takes its toll. Please have exact change."
- John Owen

links added today: Blog; Charity

National Institute on Chemical Dependency Blog:

To visit the NICD Website click here

Charity Organization
"Specializing in alcoholism, drug and substance abuse and mental health concerns":
Charity Organization

Friday, January 07, 2005

today: Christmas Again?

Wishing a Sober and Merry Christmas to everyone celebrating
Christmas on January 7th, according to the Julian Calendar

daily quota: Connection; Fear; Life

"Appreciation of life itself, becoming suddenly aware of the miracle of being alive, on this planet, can turn what we call ordinary life into a miracle. We come awake to such a realization when we recognize our connection to a spiritual dimension."
- Dan Wakefield

"The things we fear the most have already happened to us."
- Deepak Chopra

"As the light changed from red to green to yellow and back to red again, I sat there thinking about life. Was it nothing more than a bunch of honking and yelling? Sometimes it seemed that way."
- Jack Handey

quipping post: Thirsty and Desperate

(Gross Warning: Not for faint stomachs)
A drunk was lost in the desert and was dying for a drink, when out of nowhere, he came upon a tavern. Crawling his way up to the bar, he begged "I've been lost in the desert for days and have no money, can you please help me?!" The bartender had heard every story imaginable. "If you want to prove you're really desperate and not just trying to mooch a free drink, take a gulp out of that spittoon in the corner, then I'll give you a drink." The drunk didn't hesitate and picked up the full spittoon. But instead of just taking one gulp he kept swallowing until it was all gone. The bartender was shocked, "That's the most disgusting thing I've ever seen! Why didn't you stop after one gulp?" The drunk replied: "I couldn't, it was all connected."

links added today: Study; Intervention; Perspectives; Forum

Big Book Step Study
"Sobriety—the freedom from alcohol—through the teaching and practicing of the twelve steps is the sole purpose of an AA group":
Big Book Step Study

Intervention Organization
"Psychotherapy, Interventions, Art, Advocate, Social Documentary Photography
21 Years Helping Addicts to Get Clean, Find Recovery, and Remain Clean":
Intervention Organization

Psychoanalytic Perspectives
"The Purpose of this website is to promote awareness of the psychoanalytic contributions to issues related to the use and misuse of alcohol":
Psychoanalytic Perspectives

Recovery Cafe Secular Forum
"AA has worked for millions of people, but there are other choices for recovery. Here you will find some information on those methods":
Recovery Cafe

Thursday, January 06, 2005

daily quota: See; Contrary; Humor

"We see things not as they are, but as we are."
- John Milton

"When we see men of a contrary character, we should turn inwards and examine ourselves."
- Confucius

"A person without a sense of humor is like a wagon without springs, jolted by every pebble in the road."
- Henry Ward Beecher

quipping post: Kaz Cartoon

Alcoholic Ward
To see the cartoon click here

links added today: Twelve; Women's
"This web page is to assist in the spiritual growth of twelve steppers":

Women's Addiction Foundation
"The Women's Addiction Foundation is a public foundation committed to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness of women whose lives have been affected by their misuse of, or dependency on alcohol or other drugs":
Women's Addiction Foundation

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

daily quota: Future; Statistics

"The best thing about the future is that it only comes one day at a time."
- Abraham Lincoln

"I never think of the future. It comes soon enough."
- Albert Einstein

"There is no data on the future."
- Laurel Cutler

"Statistics in the hands of an engineer are like a lamp post to a drunk — they're used more for support than illumination."
- A E Housman

links added today: Dual; Twelve

Dual Diagnosis
"Dual Diagnosis refers to co-occurring Mental Illness, Drug Addiction and/or Alcoholism in various combinations. This site is designed to provide information and resources for service providers, consumers, and family members who are seeking assistance and/or education in this field":
Dual Diagnosis

Twelve and Twelve Publishing Inc.
"The purpose of Twelve and Twelve Publications Inc. is to assist individuals and groups to obtain a better understanding of the recovery process. We consider our literature spiritual tools to enhance the wisdom and knowledge of that process.
Twelve & Twelve Publishing