Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Morning After

Humor might be the best medicine...

But if you're often sick and tired in the morning because of drinking or drug use, there's nothing funny about that. Free help is always available. See here:

AA: Help with Alcoholism

NA: Help with Drug Abuse

Al-Anon: For Family & Friends of alcoholics

Nar-Anon: Family & Friends of drug addicts

Drink and Drugs Comedy

Robin Williams Stand-up comedy about Drinking and Drugs:

Robin Williams comedy about alcohol and marijuana

Video of Robin Williams comedy about using cocaine

Bill Cosby Comedy about Drinking and Drugs:

Bill Cosby video comedy about drinking

Bill Cosby comedy on video about drugs

Drink and Drug E-Cards

Create your own e-cards - sample categories below:

Create Your Own E-Cards

Click the e-cards below for some sample categories:

Drinking E-Cards

Encouragement E-Cards

Weekend E-Cards

Drinking Decathlon

Hurling: Participants are judged on distance, consistency and odour in this projectile event.

Front Crawl: After losing the ability to walk, the athlete must crawl home without losing his keys or mobile.

Shot: Competitors must down the most measures without passing out, hallucinating, or vomiting.

100 Litres: Staying power and incredible bladder control are essential in this event.

Asymmetric Bars: Combines "propping up the bar" with a tricky reaching maneuver. Points are awarded on style and posture.

Rowing: With barely a nod to the Marquis of Queensbury rules, competitors must ensure that no one looks at their woman.

110m Hurdles: Often following the rowing event, the ability to out-run the law over any obstacles is tested here.

Weight Lifting: A test of both strength and friendship, participants must move their unconscious companion into a taxi.

Discuss: Competitors must talk on subjects about which they have no real knowledge. The winner is the last one to be able to form

3 Day Event: The purest of all endurance events, the action occurs between periods of unconsciousness.

Drunk Olympics

Drunk Olympic Games
Satire of athletic intoxication to beyond the breaking point:

Countries Worldwide send their Drunkest Athletes

Sober Olympics

Beijing AA Fellowship
Beijing AA offers English-speaking meetings:

AA Fellowship in 2008 Olympic Games Host City

Olympic Events Animations

Info about Olympic Events

Lords of the Olympic Rings
Like the fair young Faramir did in Lord of the Rings lore, is your country showing its quality?
Click for Olympic Medal Standings

Games or no games, medals or no medals,
always remember: Easy Does It!