Monday, May 11, 2009

Iron Man

Robert Downey Jr Quotes on Addiction and Recovery

"I don't drink these days. I'm allergic to alcohol and narcotics. I break out in handcuffs."

"I’m not a poster boy for good behavior and recovery in Hollywood. I’m just a guy who knows he has a lot to be grateful for. Five or six years ago, I saw the writing on the wall. I knew the party was over. It was time for me to come out of the Dark Ages and get real."

"People rise out of the ashes because, at some point, they are invested with a belief in the possibility of triumph over seemingly impossible odds."

"Anyone who can’t go five minutes without a cigarette, or can’t stop drinking or is strung out on drugs, knows that after a while there develops an attachment to the ritual of using it that has little to do with your original motive. The original impetus was to feel its effect, and the effect seemed positive at the time. But if years down the road you are still saying, 'Baby, I do it because it makes me happy,' you don’t really mean it."

"Life is 70% maintenance. I think of myself as a shopkeeper or a beekeeper. I’m learning the business of building a life. Instead of getting instant gratification by getting high, I push my nose as far into the grindstone as I can. The honey, the reward, is the feeling of well-being, the continuity, the sense that I am walking toward a place I want to go."

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Drunk Presidents

11 drunkest presidents in American history

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt Quotes on Drinking and Life

"I don't drink. My personality is scary enough on its own, I'm half out of my mind as it is, so much so that people have already thought I'd been drinking before I went to hang out with them. I don't need alcohol to help me out."

"I don't want to ever, ever do something in life that isn't fun. Ever."

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Keep Your Chin Up

Alcohol or Drug Abuse Got You Down?

Keep your chin up! Free help is available. See here:

AA: Help with Alcoholism

NA: Help with Drug Abuse

Al-Anon: For Family & Friends of alcoholics

Nar-Anon: Family & Friends of drug addicts

Alcoholism Pictures

Images and photos about the consequences of drinking:

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How to Stop Drinking

The Importance of Self-Help
"It's safe to say that your success in stopping drinking will depend on your success with helping yourself. Whether you learn self-help techniques in a clinical setting, from a peer-support program such as AA, through a purchased book or DVD, or from several sources quitting drinking is going to depend on how well you learn to change the mental and emotional habits that currently support continued drinking. No one but you (or, if you prefer, the higher power within you) has the power to end your own problem drinking. You are the one who has to learn to change. You can do it by finding the approach that works best for you..." For all the info see How to Stop Drinking

Drug Wars Movie

American Violet

Based on true events during the 2000 election, American Violet tells the astonishing story of Dee Roberts (critically hailed newcomer Nicole Beharie), a 24 year-old African American single mother of four young girls living in a small Texas town who is barely able to make ends meet.

While police drag Dee from work in handcuffs, dumping her in the squalor of the women’s county prison, the powerful local district attorney (Academy Award nominee Michael O’Keefe) leads an extensive drug bust, sweeping her housing project with military precision. Dee soon discovers she has been charged as a drug dealer.

Even though Dee has no prior drug record and no drugs were found on her in the raid, she is offered a hellish choice: plead guilty and go home as a convicted felon or remain in prison, jeopardizing her custody and risking a long prison sentence.

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