Saturday, May 28, 2005

today's quota: Sober Ever Since

"When my wife said to me do you think could you try this weekend not to have a drink? I said don't be so stupid. I could stop any time I like. That was a real belief I had... Yeah, I went to a treatment center, and I went twice. I went once and came out for a while, stayed sober for about a year and a half and then kind of just thought well, you know... Maybe I have licked it... maybe I'm just sort of special and different, you know? And I didn't go back to drinking. I went back to drugs first, and I found that I didn't like the drugs without the drink. So I thought well, that was clever... I went into treatment just over 10 years ago now, the last time... I've been sober ever since."
- Eric Clapton, 'Larry King Live' 1998 interview quote

odd news queue: What's wrong with this Story?

Man Leaps From Car to Retrieve Cigarette
A leap of faith proved hazardous for a smoker in need of a cigarette fix after a night on the town. Jeff Foran suffered trauma to his nose, eyes and chin after jumping from a car traveling 55-60 mph. Authorities said he was trying to retrieve a cigarette blown out of the passenger-side window... The driver of the car, Jerry Glenn Nelson, said Foran had asked him earlier in the evening to be a designated driver after a night of drinking. "Foran did the right thing and asked his buddy to drive him home," state police Trooper Gravier said. "It was obvious he was extremely intoxicated." Gravier added: "If anything could make him stop smoking, this should be it." *

* As Marc S pointed out when he sent me this story, it suggests that the man should quit smoking, but maybe he should consider quitting drinking!

Other odd news this past week:

Brewers strike for right to drink at work

Dentist got patient drunk before doing 14 root canals

One-year-old arrested for vodka theft

£1m of cocaine dumped on pavement

Man drinks through his nose (with picture)

addiction recovery: Art & Graphics

Street Art
The Crystal Recovery website's artwork gallery:
Street Artwork Page

Crystal Recovery Home Page

The Art of Scott Woodard
The "Attitude of Gratitude" blogger has started his own art site:
Scott Woodard Art

Attitude of Gratitude Blog

Happy Destiny
Professional business designs as well as non-commercial "graphics for free":
Happy Destiny Graphics

addiction recovery: Music & Radio Updates

I recently posted links to these new sites - both have since undergone major updates:

Rehab Recordings
Clips from Andy Pace's 'Out of Darkness Into Light' CD and more:
Rehab Recordings - Updated

Take 12 Recovery Radio
Hear a sample and/or sign up to be notified about their first show:
Take 12 Recovery Radio - Updated Site

Monday, May 23, 2005

today's quota: The Alcoholic Journey

"The journey that began with a young boy's curiosity about his father's beer ends 30 years later with an unshaven, soiled man crawling from his bed to the bathroom, huddled over the white porcelain toilet, staring at the black and white tiles on the floor, praying for deliverance from the chaos that had become life."
- John Moriarty, 'Liquid Lover: A Memoir' quote

quipping post: Try Something New

Tired of the same routine every morning?
Try this simple coffee-drinking technique...

links added today: Recovery Blogs & Forum

Dr Prob
"Got some problems? Read the blog of Dr Prob and you'll be surprised":
Dr Prob Blog

I'll Never Drink Again Vol. 2
"Newly sober after 31 years of drinking":
I'll Never Drink Again

Practice These Principles...
"The thoughts and feelings of a recovering human being":
Practice These Principles

Recovery Notes Blog & Forum
"What we thought was a flimsy reed, revealed itself as the Mighty hand of God":
Recovery Notes Blog

Recovery Notes Forum site here

Friday, May 20, 2005

today's quota: Negative Thinking Addiction

"For many, negative thinking is a habit, which over time, becomes an addiction. A lot of people suffer from this disease because negative thinking is addictive to each of the Big Three: the Mind, the Body, and the Emotions. If one doesn't get you, the others are waiting in the wings."
- Peter McWilliams quote

quipping post: Higher Power Picture; Bar Jokes, Quotes, and Videos

Bar Jokes, Quotes, Pics & Vids
A list of mostly quotes and such at the top of this linked page, but if you scroll down it there's a long list of drunk jokes, pics, and movies:
Bar Jokes, Quotes, Pictures & Videos

Joe-ks Home Page

odd news queue: Past Week's Unusual Drug & Booze News

Unorthodox DWI sentence
Sentenced to spend Christmas Day, New Year's Day and victim's birthdays in jail for next 10 years:
Houston Chronicle

Man fired for drinking wrong kind of beer
Budweiser fires an employee for drinking Coors in a bar:

Fake prosthetics used to beat drug tests
Whizzinator and other products promise to help illegal-drug users pass urine tests:
The Australian

Woman sues police for 'cocaine' bust
Brazilian woman suing police for mistaking bags of flour for cocaine:

Cheap booze blamed for men's impotence
Frustrated Romanian women force 24-hour liquor shop to close:

Garlic a 'power boost' love drug
It may not be ideal to eat it on a first date but garlic can have major benefits for a man's love life:

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

today's quota: Dependence & Addiction

"... 'dependence describes the feeling that, physically and mentally, you have to use the substance. Your brain and body cry out. You gotta have it!... Dependence is really one step along a slippery path that leads to addiction. At a certain point, a prolonged dependence results in another switch being thrown. The experience you have after that switch is thrown is what we call addiction."

"In addiction, as we see it, you're compelled to use a substance or behave in a certain way, even though you know you face considerable harm by going through with it. Simply put, addiction causes a change in your brain... When the change occurs, you lose control over your urges to use a substance or engage in certain behaviors... You can become so compelled by your addictive behavior that nothing else matters. It doesn't matter how smart you are, how accomplished you are, or how physically strong you are. It can happen to anyone."

- Brian F Shaw, PhD, et al, 'Addiction & Recovery for Dummies' quotes

'Dummies' Online

quipping post: Drinking Cartoon

See More of Greg Tuft's 'The Falling Dream' Comic Strips Here

Monday, May 16, 2005

today's quota: Addiction Is Like This

"Addiction is being recognized by all the clerks at the liquor store."

"Addiction is missing my mother’s birthday because I was high."

"Addiction is thinking every year that this year will be different, then finding out it’s exactly the same."

"Addiction is calling in sick because I was up until 6 AM getting high, sleeping until noon, and waking up and getting high again."

See the whole list here

quipping post: Drunk Joke

He Promises to Change
A drunk's girlfiend was getting sick and tired of the way things were going between them. "Who needs a relationship like this? You drink too much, you're always broke, and it seems like I hardly ever see you - except when you come by to ask for money! Lately, that's every second or third day!" The drunk reassured her there would be some changes: "I had no idea you'd like to see me more often, but I promise that you will - it's good to know I can ask you for money every day now."

links added today: Step and Reviews

AA Step 12 Site

Alcoholics Anonymous Reviews
A web log of current media articles about alcoholism

addiction recovery: Online E-zines

Chemical Dependency
See the new May-June edition of this online magazine:
NICD News Magazine

Recovery Steps
Read articles from this free monthly resource guide:
Steps for Recovery

This month's recovery horoscopes here

Friday, May 13, 2005

today's quota: Stories of Addiction and Recovery

Some quotes from the book, 'The Harder They Fall':

"You know you're an alcoholic when you misplace a decade."
- Paul Williams, singer, songwriter

"Looking back at my drinking days, I don't even recognize that character. It was another lifetime ago."
- Alice Cooper, musician

"My own disease would like to tell you that my 'isms' are now my 'wasims.' But as this book reads, it's an ongoing process that leads to the sweetest spirituality. My hat's off and great kudos to those who share their story like it is for those of us who still need to hear it."
- Steven Tyler, Aerosmith, about the book

The Harder They Fall (Hazelden 2005)
"Celebrities offer hope, healing by telling their real-life stories of addiction and recovery":
Hazelden Book Article Here

quipping post: Booze & Loose Tongues

"They were given the grapes that go ripe in the sun,
That loosen the screws at the back of the tongue."
- Joe Strummer, The Clash, 'Four Horsemen' lyrics

Office Party Drunk Video
Yikes! A woman gets drunk and shares what she really thinks of her boss - what she doesn't know is that he's standing behind her (if the video is slow to load, there's also a download link or just come back and try another time):
Office Party Drunk Video

If you can't laugh at yourself, you might miss the best joke of your life!
But if you or someone you know is still suffering, there's nothing funny about that. You don't have to face it alone - there's always hope and help available. See here:

Alcoholics Anonymous: Letter to Anyone New to A.A.

Narcotics Anonymous: Who, What, How and Why

For Family & Friends of alcoholics: What is Al-Anon?

Family & Friends of drug addicts: About Nar-Anon

online: Memorial and Recovery Guide

Jacob Waletzky
This is a memorial site for a young writer who died from a cocaine-induced cardiac arrhythmia at the age of 29. You can read book excerpts, hear songs by a friend, and sign up to get a free copy of his novel here:
Jacob Waletzky Memorial Site

The Addiction Recovery Guide
Funding for their website is provided by The Jacob Waletzky Fund

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

today's quota: Addiction Recovery & Art

"The events of 9/11 were really sort of the catalyst for me to clean up my act. It triggered a kind of posttraumatic state for me where, in my druggy-haze, I knew I had the plan that would save the world. Not only that, but also that I had an obligation to share it with others. I was way over-the-top on this and I knew that I was in a fantasyland, yet, I still believed it. It created an obvious contradiction for me. I knew then that I had to get straight or I would go insane, or worse, lose my family. And still, this was a difficult decision for me, as it is for all addicts. I had a whole list of reasons why not to get sober, top of the list being that I didn't see how I was going to function as an artist..."
- Kris Hoglund, 'Art, Dope & Saving the World' quote

Kris Hoglund's Surreal Pop Art
His whole essay on art, artists, drugs and saving the world is here:
Surreal Pop Art - "The crude, but oddly effective, art of Kris Hoglund"

quipping post: 12 Signs that You're in Recovery

You know you are in recovery if...
1. You drink more coffee per day than Starbucks sells in one week.
2. Emails to your friends have "HALT" as the subject header.
3. You and your buddies get thrown out of coffee shops and teahouses for being "too rowdy."
4. Songs like "There's a Tear In My Beer" make you cry for reasons different than most people.
5. For parties with your friends, you buy a couple cases of Mountain Dew and Pepsi-Cola.
6. Dining out, you wonder how someone at the next table, can drink half a glass of wine and leave the rest.
7. There is at least one magnet on your refrigerator, plaque on your wall, or bumper-sticker on your car with an inspirational message printed on it.
8. You don't know the last names of most of your best friends.
9. If you need advice on money, you ask the guy in your meeting who used to be bankrupt.
10. When you empty your purse or pockets you find at least one of the following: an anniversary chip, scraps of paper with phone numbers of people you met in meetings, and a pocket-sized White Booklet.
11. Your idea of a pick-up line is, "I really liked what you shared."
12. No matter how bad a day you had, if you go to bed clean and sober, you consider yourself a winner!

- I received the above list from nmamfqlmsh (thank-you!) at A Reason, A Season, A Lifetime

Monday, May 09, 2005

today's quota: One Day at a Time

"I had tried psychiatrists, counsellors, and doctors. They helped me to stop, but they couldn't be with me throughout the day. I was prescribed Valium and told not to drink. All I got was another addiction - for 13 years to Valium itself. I even tried health farms, not drinking spirits, drinking only white wine and soda, only drinking at the weekends. And, at one time in desperation, I got a job in Saudi Arabia where I thought I couldn't possibly get a drink. But nothing worked because I would always drink again after a few days, weeks or once for five months. And when I did, it got worse. I was in and out of hospital and then I was given only three months to live by the liver specialist.
For me, AA was the end of the road. I didn't want to end up with a bunch of no-hopers or religious nuts, which is what I thought made up AA meetings. How wrong I was! I was taught to take my life one day at a time. That I could stay sober for 24 hours, then another 24 hours. Now I have over 7,000 '24 hours' without a drink behind me..."
- Michael, AA member, quoted in 'Gulf Daily News Online'

quipping post: Time Travellers Anonymous

Q: What did one Time Travellers Anonymous member say to another?
A: I didn't see you at the meeting next week.

addiction recovery: Current Issues

AA Grapevine Online
You can read selections from the May 2005 edition here:
Current AA Grapevine

The NA Way Online
"In the HTML version, you will be able to view the main sections of the magazine and Home Group cartoon. For those who wish to view the magazine exactly as it is in print form, the PDF format is for you":
Current NA Way Online

Forum Magazine Online
Articles from Al-Anon's monthly magazine:
Current Issue

Friday, May 06, 2005

today's quota: Alcoholism, Treatment, and Relapse

What Causes Alcoholism?
"Alcoholism is a disease characterized by the uncontrolled use of alcohol. Experts believe that genetic factors make certain people more vulnerable to alcoholism. Environmental, cultural, and psychological factors can also contribute to the development of the disease.
People who have a problem with alcohol drink to escape problems or turn off painful feelings of loneliness, insecurity, guilt, etc. But rather than solving them, alcohol only makes the problems worse."
- Source: Caron Foundation 'Fact Sheet' quote

Treatment Centers

The Nature of Alcoholism & Relapse
"There are many misperceptions about the nature of alcoholism and those affected by it. ... In treating alcoholism, it is important to remember that it is a disease, not a moral failing or learned behavior, and that it is chronic in nature, increasing the likelihood of relapse even after treatment."
- Susan Merle Gordon, Ph.D., 'Alcoholism: Treatment and Recovery' Press Release

Twelve Steps to a Slip
"Every slip has a beginning, and every slip has an ending. Know your danger signals! Make the ending of your slip recovery not death! Relapse is a serious and sometimes fatal reality."
Click below for a list of common warning signs:

Steps to a Slip

quipping post: Impossible Drunk List & 'Cupid Drinks' Video

Things that are impossible to say when drunk:
- Thanks, but I don't want to sleep with you.
- No thanks, no more booze for me.
- Sorry, but you're really not my type.
- Good evening officer, isn't it lovely out tonight?
- I'm not interested in fighting you.
- Oh, I just couldn't - no one wants to hear me sing.
- Thank you, but I have no co-ordination so I won't try to dance.
- Where is the nearest toilet? I refuse to throw-up on the street.
- I have to work in the morning so I must be going home now.

When Cupid Drinks
Cupid has a few too many beers and screws up the laws of attraction:
Cupid Video Here

online resources: Step, Chat, and Habit
General 12 step resources for sobriety, strength and serenity:

Step Chat
"We welcome everyone whose life has been affected by alcoholism and substance abuse. You do not need a password to enter any of our chat rooms":
Step Chat

Addiction info and alternative theories of addictive behavior and change:
HabitSmart Home Page

recovery multimedia: Recordings and Radio

Rehab Recordings
Home of Andy Pace's "Out of Darkness Into Light" CD and more:
Rehab Recordings

Take 12 Radio
Their site is still under construction but you can take a sneak-peek at the newest 12 step radio program site here:
Take 12 Recovery Radio

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

today's quota: Authors and Addiction Recovery

Persistence in Recovery
When we live life on life's requisites, and when hardship arises, it should be our incentive to stand up and embark upon problems with audacity, and the strength that we've established in the course of our journey. We should retain our perspective, evaluate all possibilities, and observe our choices all the way through. For us to uphold our firmness and staying power, we must by no means have excessive pride that we can't request assistance in times of adversity. And if a situation arises that we can not handle, or don't recognize the answer to, then we should never fail to bear in mind that we should Let Go and Let God take over and carry us through the obscurity we stumble upon...
- Terry Dunford, 'A Spiritual Awakening' quote

Terry Dunford's Website

I Only Meant to Wet My Feet
"Beware of guys with matchbook covers torn off at the end," my father warned me as he walked away.
"What exactly does that mean, Daddy?"
He turned and, with a smirk that seemed to question my intelligence, said, "It means they use drugs!"
"Use drugs! With a matchbook cover?"
"Yes!" Offering no more as he went to his next task.
Our "talk" about drugs was apparently over. I shrugged it off and thought, How stupid does he think I am? Does he think that even at seventeen years old, I don't know anything? After all, I knew drugs were injected. I had seen the movie, The Man with the Golden Arm. Plus, I had seen junkies on the corner in front of the poolroom. They shoot dope into their veins. Boy, to be considered such a smart man, he sure is dumb about the things of life.
It was clear to me that I was going to have to learn things on my own...
- Stanice Anderson, 'I say a Prayer for Me' quote

Stanice Anderson's Site

Stanice's Soul Shout Blog

quipping post: Monthly NA Recovery Cartoon

Click to see the whole Monthly NA Recovery Cartoon

Home Page: Greater Philadelphia Region NA

resources: Musicians and Addiction Recovery

Grammy's MusiCares
Confronting Addiction: Part 1 of 3 Part Series

Confronting Addiction Part 2

Confronting Addiction Part 3

Sober Musicians
Forum Topics for Musicians and Listeners

Musicians Anonymous
Drugs and Alcohol Problems Fellowship

Monday, May 02, 2005

today's quota: Self-Medicating

"There was just too much pressure. Too many demands on our psyches, on our consciousness. The backstage scene was just insane ... So people started to self-medicate. That's when it turned dark... I'll tell you the things that I regret. I regret that we didn't stand up and say let's stop touring and try to save ourselves from going down in a very negative way."
- Phil Lesh quote, former 'Grateful Dead' bassist

quipping post: Drink & Drug Cartoons

Over 100 Drinking Cartoons
Use the numbers at the bottom of each page to see more cartoons

Click Here for 100+ Drug Cartoons

Home Page
3000+ Cartoons Here

self-supporting: Recovery Group & Chat

The Legacy Group
"We hope that you can find some useful information here about Alcoholics Anonymous, alcoholism, and the disease of addiction":
Legacy Group

NA Chat
"Addicts helping addicts find a new way to live":
Narcotics Anonymous and Addiction Resources